CSTA-Arizona Newsletter

December 2020
Successful Teacher Summit!
Thank you to everyone who attended our CSTA-Arizona Teacher Summit on Saturday 12/5. We had over 50 teachers dedicate part of their weekend to learning more about incorporating computer science in their classrooms.
If you attended the summit, remember to highlight any events you run in your classroom by posting on social media or a school website - if you do, you'll be eligible for a $50 Amazon Gift Card thanks to our sponsorship from Mister Car Wash.

Upcoming Student Events

The following events are available for students to explore computer science as an extension of Computer Science Education Week. Let students know about the following opportunities and encourage them to register!
CSEd Week: Careers in STEM Panel
December 17th - Careers in STEM Panel (Grades 9+): Computer Science can be a difficult field to navigate, especially when Black and African-American, Latinx, and Indigenous peoples are underrepresented in Computer Science and STEM fields. Hear about how the Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS Program supports high school teachers in providing high-quality, inclusive computer science classes and hear from a panel of TEALS Program volunteers about their experiences in Computer Science and STEM Careers, including advice for how to navigate career opportunities and an opportunity for questions and answers from the attendees.
CSEd Week: Join VidCode for an Hour of Code!
Join VidCode for two workshops to introduce coding concepts with video & multimedia!
December 8th - Code the News (Beginner | Grades 6+): Learn how to use javascript to interact with images, videos, and text to make your own news bulletin! By the time you're done, you will have created your very own news story made entirely in code! Click Here to Register
December 16th - Climate Clock (Beginner | Grades 5+): "The Climate Clock counts down to a specific day in the future. After this day human-induced climate change will have caused a temperature increase of 1.5℃, which is irreversible, and has bad consequences for everyone. We know this because of the data on the current rate of emissions, and the level of human-induced warming we’re already seeing." Join VidCode in creating your own interactive Climate Clock using javascript code. When you leave, you will be able to share your clock with friends or on your own website. Click Here to Register
CSEd Week: Cybersecurity Workshops with GCU Cyber Center of Excellence
Join the GCU Cyber Center of Excellent for three workshops exploring Cybersecurity!
December 4th - Password Cracking (Grades 9+): In this activity, students will learn how to crack password hashes using real-world scenarios via Linux, hashes, hash-identifier, and web resources. Click here to register.
December 11th - Network Forensics (Grades 9+): In this activity, students will take a role as a forensics investigator to catch the criminal “Ann Decover”. Students will build a case against the criminal and her accomplice and catch them before they head out of town by using Linux and a tool called Wireshark. Click here to register.
December 18th - Analyzing Email Headers (Grades 9+): Your emails may be vulnerable to spam, phishing, and other malicious attacks. To know where those attacks come from, you need to learn about email headers. We will take a look at different email header analysis tools and explore why this area is so important. Click here to register.
Upcoming Events
The Intersection of Math and CS - Combining Geometry and Coding
Dec 17, 2020
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
The Future of CS: Emerging Concepts in CS Education
Jan 16, 2021
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Equity in Action Summit
Mar 06, 2021
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