Join VidCode for two workshops to introduce coding concepts with video & multimedia!
December 8th - Code the News (Beginner | Grades 6+): Learn how to use javascript to interact with images, videos, and text to make your own news bulletin! By the time you're done, you will have created your very own news story made entirely in code! Click Here to Register
December 16th - Climate Clock (Beginner | Grades 5+): "The Climate Clock counts down to a specific day in the future. After this day human-induced climate change will have caused a temperature increase of 1.5℃, which is irreversible, and has bad consequences for everyone. We know this because of the data on the current rate of emissions, and the level of human-induced warming we’re already seeing." Join VidCode in creating your own interactive Climate Clock using javascript code. When you leave, you will be able to share your clock with friends or on your own website. Click Here to Register