The State of CS report was just released from and CSTA, and it includes a breakdown of access & participation information for all 50 states, including AZ!   
This report is a comprehensive snapshot of the state of CS in education.  It includes information from 100% of U.S. public high schools.  Unfortunately, this report shows that less than half of all high schools in the U.S. teach CS, with access being lowest for students from rural areas, economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and marginalized racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in computer science. While diversity within classrooms has increased, it’s clear that work is still far from done. Read more about these findings on the blog.  
Below are some snapshots from the finding for AZ.  You can also read the full report here.
% of Public HS Teaching CSAZ HS Teaching CS
Access & Participation by Race/EthnicityAP CS Participation by Race/Ethnicity & Gender