Join the GCU Cyber Center of Excellent for three workshops exploring Cybersecurity!
December 4th - Password Cracking (Grades 9+): In this activity, students will learn how to crack password hashes using real-world scenarios via Linux, hashes, hash-identifier, and web resources. Click here to register.
December 11th - Network Forensics (Grades 9+): In this activity, students will take a role as a forensics investigator to catch the criminal “Ann Decover”. Students will build a case against the criminal and her accomplice and catch them before they head out of town by using Linux and a tool called Wireshark. Click here to register.
December 18th - Analyzing Email Headers (Grades 9+): Your emails may be vulnerable to spam, phishing, and other malicious attacks. To know where those attacks come from, you need to learn about email headers. We will take a look at different email header analysis tools and explore why this area is so important. Click here to register.