The Arizona Department of Education is partnering with Bloomboard to assist K-8 teachers in earning the Computer Science K-8 Endorsement and integrate more CS into K-8 classrooms. We are looking for educators who would like to be part of this process - one district / site to participate with 3-5 teachers. The teachers would work as a team to attain the K-8 Endorsement in partnership with Bloomboard and the department of education.
It is our hope that participating schools/districts will have the following qualities in place:
  1. Multiple teachers who teach computer science or a related topic so that multiple teachers are participating at the same time as a team,
  2. A track record of district/charter support in providing teachers with professional development to teach computer science,
  3. A desire to use this opportunity to strengthen the school/district’s computer science program and/or build a new computer science program. 
For more information about participating in this program, contact Sarah Sleasman -