With the release of the State of Computer Science National Report from Code.org, CSTA, and ECEP, data is available on how Computer Science is being implemented in Arizona. According to the report, Arizona is 46th in the nation for the percentage of high schools offering Computer Science in their state and for the schools that do offer, these classes are very male dominated (78% male). However, the report also highlights opportunities for improvement, such as creating a State Plan for Computer Science. Click here to read the Arizona specific fact-sheet
Based on the report, several CSTA-Arizona members were interviewed for an article from the Arizona Republic titled "'Dismal': Arizona near bottom in computer science education. What can be done?". The article highlights the problems and opportunities for Computer Science in Arizona through the lens of several classroom educators - shoutout to CSTA-Arizona board members Leon Tynes and Bhawna Verma for their perspectives in the article.