Board Responsibilities

A board is a group of people who are charged to govern the CSTA-Arizona chapter. The board is responsible for setting strategic direction, establishing board policies and objectives, and offering dynamic programs for its members. Chapter leaders should be CSTA+ members in good standing. 


The board is the main decision-making body of the chapter. Board members must be well informed, prudent, and responsive to the needs of the chapter.

The role of the Chapter Board

The board must ensure the continuity of the chapter by:

  • Planning for the future;

  • Keeping the chapter fiscally sound; and

  • Establishing and reviewing programs, benefits and services that support CSTA and the chapter’s mission.

  • Charged to govern the non-profit duties associated with the CSTA-Arizona chapter

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Board Member Elections

CSTA-Arizona has a 9-member board. Each board member serves a 2 year term. Each year, several board positions are up for election:
The following positions will be up for election during even-numbered years:
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Southern Regional Director
  • Central Regional Co-Director
  • K-8 Director
The following positions will be up for election during odd-numbered years:
  • Vice-president
  • Treasurer
  • Northern Regional Director
  • Central Regional Co-Director
Note: Due to delays from the COVID-19 Pandemic, in the year 2022 all board positions are up for election. The next election cycle will be in 2024 for the even-year positions, and 2025 for the odd-year positions. New officers will take office the following year (so even-year positions take office during off-number years and vice-versa).

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Previous CSTA-Arizona Election Information Session Recording

Election Timeline

  • August 15th & September 12th: Board Election Information Session
  • September 5th-30th: Nominations for board positions are open. Self-nominations are accepted.
  • October 24th: Nominee information is released to help inform voting (similar to this page for CSTA-National elections)
  • November 7th - 18th: Voting is open via a Google Form. You must be a CSTA-Arizona chapter member to vote in the election. You do not need to be a CSTA+ member.
  • December 2nd: Winners are announced and begin preparing to transfer into their board positions
  • January 1st: The new CSTA-Arizona board begins their term

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