Our Mission

To support K-12 Computer Science teachers in Arizona by providing a community of colleagues to share resources and classroom strategies, connect teachers with regional and statewide supports, and provide opportunities for professional growth around classroom resources, CS content, and CS-specific pedagogy

Arizona Challenge

  • Only 31 schools in AZ (10% of AZ schools with AP programs) offered the AP Computer Science course in 2015-2016.
  • Of the 438 high school students in Arizona who took the AP Computer Science exam in 2016, only 23% were female, 62 students were Hispanic or Latino, 4 students were Black, 1 student was Native American or Alaska Native, and 1 student was Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.
  • There are fewer AP exams taken in computer science than in any other STEM subject area.
  • Of the 546 computer science college graduates in Arizona in 2015, only 15% were female.
Arizona Opportunity
As of 2017, Arizona had 9,667 open computing jobs, or 3.1 times the state average demand rate.  The average salary for a computing occupation in AZ is $85,165, which is significantly higher than the average salary in the state ($45,310). The existing open jobs alone represent a $823,290,055 opportunity in terms of annual salaries. With opportunity comes responsibility to ensure that all students have equitable access to CS courses that prepare them to be computational citizens.