CSTA-Arizona Cross-Curricular Opportunities
Happy November! Happy Holidays! Please see below for several opportunities and events that may be of interest to educators who also focus on other subject areas, such as Science, Math, or English

Science: K-5 Deeper Dive Constructing 3-Dimensional Units Program

K-5 Educators - Apply to be a part of a collaborative team to construct a science unit for AZ Science Standards

Do you want to bring in more science opportunities to your K-5 classroom and expose yourself to integrating science into what you do? We know that all elementary educators are also science educators. Be part of this unique experience!

Arizona Science Teachers Association (ASTA) in partnership with Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is accepting team applications to build a K-5 Deeper Dive: Constructing 3-Dimensional Units Program. 

Educators will work to build a relevant science unit with multiple 5E lessons using the Gather, Reason, and Communicate similar to #Going3Dw/GRC through collaboration with other educators on your team. To find out more information click here.  

Team applications are currently open and will close March 4, 2022. To learn more about this opportunity and the application, click here. This program is financially supported by APS Foundation and the Burton Family Foundation.

Please contact deeper_dive@azsta.org for assistance if needed.

Math: Math Educator Appreciation Day (MEAD) Conference

The UArizona Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) has begun preparations for MEAD 2022. This year, the MEAD Conference will be remote and the content of this conference extends from PreK to Grade 14. The conference features several strands, including Math and Computer Science.

We are excited to announce that the MEAD 2022 keynote "Engaging All Learners In Doing Mathematics" will be shared by Fawn Nguyen, a master teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience and a math leader with an impactful online presence.

Click here for more information about the conference

Code.org CS Connections Curriculum

CS Connections is a new curriculum from Code.org that makes connections between learning computer science and other subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies. It has options for teachers who’d like to incorporate computer science into their lesson plans for other subjects, as well as CS educators who want to reinforce what students are learning in other subjects.

The first module is Coding with Poetry, which incorporates both ELA and Computer Science standards over a seven-lesson sequence that has students create interactive animations to highlight the mood and imagery of a poem. There are also smaller lessons and standalone projects for all grade levels. The lessons are designed for teachers and students without a formal background in computer science.

Click here to learn more about CS Connections.

Arizona State of CS Lunchtime Conversation

Join CSTA-Arizona and the SciTech Institute on December 2nd from noon-1pm for a STEM Lunchtime Conversation focusing on the State of CS Report. The panel will feature an overview of the data for Computer Science in Arizona and a chance to explore the data via an interactive dashboard, and discuss observations and next-steps with peers in smaller breakout rooms.

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