Arizona Computer Science Educator Survey

In November 2020, the National Science Foundation funded the SciTech Institute, Arizona State UniversityArizona Science Center, and BootUp, to start the AZ HACS project (Arizona Hubs Advancing Computer Science). The project will focus on  understanding what computer science looks like in Arizona’s rural and tribal K-8 schools. AZ HACS provides an active and locally focused project that seeks to support educators through Research-Practitioner Partnerships (RPPs).


The First step is learning how computer science is being integrated into the K-8 classroom, and what skills practitioners (you) feel might be useful to achieve greater success. Please take a few minutes to complete the linked survey. And pass it along to your K8 colleagues. The survey will be available until Saturday, March 27th, 2021 (click here for surveymax 10 minutes).  


We are also excited to offer a chance to participate in piloting community engaged solution teams (Research-Practitioner Partnerships) which will bring together educators, administrators, community members, and research university professors. To hear about this innovative idea, join us for one of our live informational webinars:

These Research-Practitioner Partnership teams are a powerful tool for sustainable change. They will identify challenging issues confronting computer science in our rural and tribal K-8 schools and will work collaboratively across school boundaries to lay out plans to address these issues. The early planning stages will yield deeper insight and serve as needs assessments for grants and P.D. planning.


If you would like more details on the survey, webinar, or RPPs, please email AZ HACS Project Director, Kalman Mannis ( to arrange a call.