CSTA-Arizona Newsletter

November 2021
CSTA-Arizona News & Updates
CSEd Week Is Coming!
Computer Science Education Week is an annual call to action to inspire k-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field. Visit https://www.csedweek.org/ to learn more about how you can participate in CSEd Week events and spread computer science in your school!
Stay tuned for more announcements from CSTA-Arizona regarding CSEd Week events for Arizona teachers!
Arizona CS and CTE Standards Alignment
CSTA-Arizona and the Arizona Science Center have partnered with Arizona high school educators to create a crosswalk between three sets of common standards that high school computer science teachers engage with:
Our goal is to illustrate how these standards overlap and are aligned. By aligning aligning a course to one set of standards, you may also fulfill the requirements of another set of standards or have a few holes that need to be covered with supplemental instruction. This alignment is presented as two documents:
Indigenous Communities & K-12 CS Education Virtual Summit 
Come discuss K-12 Computer Science Education in Native American Communities with colleagues, administrators, teachers, policymakers, and advocates.  Join one or more of four sessions featuring a keynote talk about broadband access in rural Native communities, a panel of CS educators working in indigenous communities, a CS pathway implementation workshop for administrators and other education leaders, and a discussion and networking opportunity.
This virtual event is held under three banners:  Natives in Tech Annual Conference, Code.org, and CSEdCon (The Global Computer Science Education Conference).  Zoom link to be shared with registered attendees. Register here.
CS and Educational Technology Specialist
The Arizona Department of Education has a job opening for a Computer Science and Educational Technology Specialist with the Academic Standards team. Are you a K-12 Teacher with classroom experience in Computer Science and Educational Technology and enjoy providing professional development?  This may be the job for you!  This position will close on 11/8/21, so hurry to the appropriate link below for further information on this exciting opportunity! Grow your career with ADE today!