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CSEd Events 2020

Student Events for CSEd Week

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity in computer science education, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field. CSTA-Arizona and the SciTech Institute are proud to highlight several opportunities for students throughout the month!
CSEd Week: Cybersecurity Workshops with GCU Cyber Center of Excellence
Join the GCU Cyber Center of Excellent for three workshops exploring Cybersecurity!
December 4th - Password Cracking (Grades 9+): In this activity, students will learn how to crack password hashes using real-world scenarios via Linux, hashes, hash-identifier, and web resources. Click here to register.
December 11th - Network Forensics (Grades 9+): In this activity, students will take a role as a forensics investigator to catch the criminal “Ann Decover”. Students will build a case against the criminal and her accomplice and catch them before they head out of town by using Linux and a tool called Wireshark. Click here to register.
December 18th - Analyzing Email Headers (Grades 9+): Your emails may be vulnerable to spam, phishing, and other malicious attacks. To know where those attacks come from, you need to learn about email headers. We will take a look at different email header analysis tools and explore why this area is so important. Click here to register.
CSEd Week: Join SkillStruck to learn HTML & Python
Join Skill Struck for two workshops to introduce coding concepts with video & multimedia!
November 30th - Introduction to HTML (Beginner | Grades 6+): Skill Struck provides a trainer and platform in which audience members can learn the principles of Web Development. Using the programming language HTML, participants will leave the event with a functional website they have designed. Click Here to Register.
December 7th - Introduction to Python (Beginner | Grades 9+): Skill Struck provides a trainer and platform in which audience members can learn the principles of Software Development. Using the programming language Python, participants will leave the event with a functional program that solves a relevant task. Click Here to Register
CSEd Week: Careers in STEM Panel
Join the SciTech Institute on December 1st for a Careers in STEM Panel featuring the following panelists. Click Here to Register
Eve Danoff  |  American Express  |  Engineering Director
Eve Danoff
As an Engineering Director, Cloud Platform and Product Engineering, Eve leads the development of core Cloud capabilities to enable Application teams to build modern applications. The architecture includes PaaS/IaaS/CICD/Containers (Docker) components in a Hybrid Cloud model and technologies that enable to host modern applications
Haylee Mills  |  Charles Schwab  |  Sr. Staff - Security Engineer
🔥 Haylee Mills 🔥
As a Security Engineer, Haylee develops and matures SIEM content from existing data sources to increase visibility, integrate feedback from and maintain communication with SOC to improve fidelity. She also designs and executes a modern risk-based alerting platform for behavioral detections, with streamlined dashboards and alerts as individual lenses for different teams investigating risk behaviors.
Kate Perkins  |  Intel Corporation  |  IOT Engineering Operations Manager
Kate Perkins, LSS, PMP
As an IOT Engineering Operations Manager, Kate is following her passion of enabling innovative technology at Intel Corporation. She has worked in IT and IOT in a variety of roles, both on the business and technical side of things, often acting as a liaison between the two. She spends the work day on strategic, big picture thinking and quenching her thirst for knowledge.
Bhawna Verma  |  Paradise Valley High School  |  Computer Science Teacher
Bhawna Verma | Paradise Valley High
Bhawna Verma, Computer Science Instructor at Paradise Valley High School and former computer scientist herself who went from working in industry to teaching Network Security, and Software & App Design. Bhawna also runs four CS clubs to encourage students to explore the opportunities in STEM.
CSEd Week: Join a Code Night for All Ages!
Join the Paradise Valley High School CS Honor Society for a Code Night for All Ages on Thursday December 10th! This event is organized & run entirely by the students of the PVHS CS Honor Society! Click Here to Register!
Breakout Sessions Include:
  • Block Coding using SCRATCH (any age form 5- 85)

  • CyberStart for those interested in Cyber Security (High School)

  • Python Escape Room for intermediate programmers (Middle School/ High School)

  • App Lab: make your own app (Middle School)

CSEd Week: Join VidCode for an Hour of Code!
Join VidCode for two workshops to introduce coding concepts with video & multimedia!
December 8th - Code the News (Beginner | Grades 6+): Learn how to use javascript to interact with images, videos, and text to make your own news bulletin! By the time you're done, you will have created your very own news story made entirely in code! Click Here to Register
December 16th - Climate Clock (Beginner | Grades 5+): "The Climate Clock counts down to a specific day in the future. After this day human-induced climate change will have caused a temperature increase of 1.5℃, which is irreversible, and has bad consequences for everyone. We know this because of the data on the current rate of emissions, and the level of human-induced warming we’re already seeing." Join VidCode in creating your own interactive Climate Clock using javascript code. When you leave, you will be able to share your clock with friends or on your own website. Click Here to Register
CSEd Week: Join Popfizz for Games & Data in Python
Join Popfizz for two types of workshops introducing Python to make games or create stunning visualizations from data. Workshops are held everyday during the week of December 7th!
Data Visualization with Python |  Grades 9-12  |  Beginners Welcome
In this 1-hour session, we’ll explore how to gather, visualize, and extract information from data by using Python’s libraries. Ultimately we’ll create a final visualization product that will help tell a compelling story. Along the way, we’ll also explore the basic concepts of statistics.
Workshops are held everyday during the week of December 7th! Click Here to Register!
Retro PyGame |  Grades 9-12  |  Beginning Python Experienced Required
Join us to create your own retro game using Python and share it with your friends and family! This 1-hour project introduces students to some of the advanced programming concepts such as events, functions, and classes. 
Workshops are held everyday during the week of December 7th! Click Here to Register!
CSEd Week: CodeBytes with Code.org
Planning for the Hour of Code with your classroom that’s gone virtual? Try a CodeByte! Designed to fit smoothly into a distance learning plan, CodeBytes are easy-to-digest, 20 minute interactive lessons that will stream during Computer Science Education Week, December 7-11.
Every episode features a new lesson that blends computer science with real-world topics. One day, students will use Dance Party to get creative and express themselves. Another day, they’ll explore environmental sustainability with Artificial Intelligence.

Teacher Summit December 5th

We're offering a half-day Teacher Summit to prepare & support teachers offering Computer Science activities throughout December. Teachers who participate in the summit and use social media to post about their class participating in a CSEd Week activity will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card for their classes. We have 30 gift cards available to teachers thanks to a sponsorship from Mister Car Wash.
We're excited to release the schedule for this summit. One portion of the schedule is available below - click here to view the entire schedule. Please register to receive further updates for the summit!

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