Announcing Elections for
CSTA-Arizona Officers

CSTA-Arizona is holding officer elections during the fall of 2022. Any active CSTA-Arizona member is welcome to run for an officer position and join our board of directors. 
Past & Current CSTA-Arizona officers

Wait - CSTA-Arizona has officers?

Yes! CSTA-Arizona has a board of directors consisting of 9 officers: a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, 4 regional directors, and K-8 director. Each position is held by an Arizona educator or former-educator for a 2-year term.

What does an officer do?

CSTA-Arizona officers help plan and execute events or partnerships that increase CS education in Arizona and build community amongst Arizona CS educators. Some examples include: organizing regional meetups, working with partners like the Arizona Science Center or NCWIT on events, or larger-scale events like CSPDWeek.
Officers also help maintain CSTA-Arizona's non-profit status within the state of Arizona and make budgetary decisions on how best to spend funds to support Arizona educators

Why should I become an officer?

If you find yourself working to build community and stay connected with other CS colleagues, or you are a champion of computer science in your district or region: then you are probably already performing many of the duties of a CSTA-Arizona officer. Becoming an officer gives you more support and resources to continue these efforts.
CSTA-Arizona officers are supported by the National CSTA chapter and receive additional professional development and officer-specific support to attend national events like the CSTA conference - in this way, being an officer can support your personal and professional growth.

Okay - I'm interested. What's next?

You can read more about being a CSTA-Arizona officer and the election process & timeline on our website - Officer Election Information.
We're also hosting two informational sessions in the coming months:
Nominations will open in September, where you can nominate another educator or nominate yourself for a board position.
We'll continue to send updates about the election process. In the meantime, please reach out to us at with any questions!