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Election Updates & Voting

2022 Election Information

Throughout October and November, CSTA-Arizona has been accepting nominations for positions on the CSTA-Arizona board (click here to learn more about the board). The following represents the nominees for the 2022 CSTA-Arizona Board Election. Each nominee applied via a form and confirmed their intent and ability to serve on the board. Click here to vote in the 2022 CSTA-Arizona Board Election from the candidates below

K-8 Director: Jessie McKinley

"I is a 22+ veteran teacher with 15 years of team leadership experience at my school. As the interim director this year I volunteered my time and efforts to provide a K-8 perspective to the group and gained valuable experience that motivated myself to continue providing a voice for the elementary and middle school. I want to continue to represent this important group in our organization and to continue to advocate for computer science policies to be equitable across the K-12 spectrum in Arizona."

Central Arizona Co-Director: Jaime Hansen

"I would like to be a part of the CSTA-Arizona Board to advocate for the promotion of Computer Science skills in our students and within classrooms across Arizona.  I believe that by holding a position on the board I could help make a difference as I work at a STEM- focused school and have had experience with Computer Science standards with a STEM/Engineering background. I am the STEM PLC leader at my school with the biggest PLC group of teachers/staff members.  This will be my second year as Tech mentor on our campus."

Central Arizona Co-Director: Bhawna Verma

Bhawna is a high school computer science teacher at Paradise Valley High School and winner of the Arizona NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Educator Award. She previously served as the Central Arizona Co-director and has helped coordinate NCWIT Aspirations in Computing opportunities in Arizona

Northern Arizona Director: Leon Tynes

Leon is a high school computer science teacher at Xavier College Prep and organizer of 2022's Arizona CSPDWeek held on campus. He previously served as the Central Arizona Co-Director and has organized and spoken at CS events throughout Arizona.

Southern Arizona Director: Daniel Schneider

Daniel is a former high school computer science teacher in Tucson, AZ and current curriculum writer for Code.org. He previously served as the President of CSTA-Arizona and works with the University of Arizona CS Department to hold southern Arizona regional meetups

Vacant Positions

During this election cycle, no one applied to run for the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary. These positions still exist in our board structure, but will remain vacant until the next election cycle. In the meantime, the CSTA-Arizona board will operate with a full board of regional directors but no one in these larger leadership roles.

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