On Tuesday November 26th, Sahuaro High School hosted a Tucson-area VEX Scrimmage. They hosted between 80 and 100 students, parents, teachers, and mentors to give all teams space to practice & support in preparation for upcoming competitions.
From Andrew Christian and Ben Davis, the two organizers:
We want to thank all of the teams that came to the scrimmage last night, and made it a successful event!  We counted between 80-100 people in the room!
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and enjoyed their time here.  It was great to see all of the kids working together, learning this year's game, and seeing how tournaments are run.  I want to thank Empire High school for sharing their experiences from the tournament they attended.  There are a lot of new rules that they clarified for us!
Many teams confidence grew as they watched their robots compete for the first time.  A lot of students developed a few game strategies, and realized the benefit of the autonomous mode.  We saw students laughing, and getting excited as towers grew, as well as collapsed.  
It was nice to see so many family and friends come to watch.  We obviously were not expecting that many spectators.  Next year, we will definitely make it more comfortable for them, and easier for them to watch the matches.
We will have the scrimmage room set up all season, so if any teams would like to come by to practice again this season, just let us know and we can set something up.
Good luck and we look forward to competing with everyone this season!