This week, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his Governors’ Compact as part of the initiative for computer science in his role as chairman of the National Governors Association.
The initiative, an effort for all governors to make computer science a key part of their state education policy and system, supports the five goals for the Chairman’s Initiative:
  • To increase the number of high schools offering computer science classes
  • To increase the number of Governors who are members of Governors for CS
  • To increase the amount of state funding for computer science education
  • To increase the number of states requiring at least one computer science credit for high school graduation
  • To increase the diversity of students participating in computer science education
One member of this initiative is Arizona governor Doug Ducey - here’s a clip of Governor Ducey talking about Computer Science from 2021

Want to help? Take action today and ask your governor to commit to the initiative here.