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Eve Danoff  |  American Express  |  Engineering Director
Eve Danoff
As an Engineering Director, Cloud Platform and Product Engineering, Eve leads the development of core Cloud capabilities to enable Application teams to build modern applications. The architecture includes PaaS/IaaS/CICD/Containers (Docker) components in a Hybrid Cloud model and technologies that enable to host modern applications
Haylee Mills  |  Charles Schwab  |  Sr. Staff - Security Engineer
🔥 Haylee Mills 🔥
As a Security Engineer, Haylee develops and matures SIEM content from existing data sources to increase visibility, integrate feedback from and maintain communication with SOC to improve fidelity. She also designs and executes a modern risk-based alerting platform for behavioral detections, with streamlined dashboards and alerts as individual lenses for different teams investigating risk behaviors.
Kate Perkins  |  Intel Corporation  |  IOT Engineering Operations Manager
Kate Perkins, LSS, PMP
As an IOT Engineering Operations Manager, Kate is following her passion of enabling innovative technology at Intel Corporation. She has worked in IT and IOT in a variety of roles, both on the business and technical side of things, often acting as a liaison between the two. She spends the work day on strategic, big picture thinking and quenching her thirst for knowledge.
Bhawna Verma  |  Paradise Valley High School  |  Computer Science Teacher
Bhawna Verma | Paradise Valley High
Bhawna Verma, Computer Science Instructor at Paradise Valley High School and former computer scientist herself who went from working in industry to teaching Network Security, and Software & App Design. Bhawna also runs four CS clubs to encourage students to explore the opportunities in STEM.