LT. Jacqui Maxwell (  is coordinating educational events as part of Tucson Navy Week. They will be here during Rodeo Week in February. The Navy will have many groups available to visit with schools for whatever format works best for the schools (small group, meet with a school club relatable to the subject matter, etc.).  This group might be interesting for our clubs or classes: Explosive ordnance technicians  - active duty Sailors who’ll bring along 1-2 bomb disposal robots.
EOD techs will bring 1-2 bomb disposal robots of varying size and mission set. Aside from speaking on the roles of the robots and how they use them, the techs can speak on their training, and real-world usage downrange. It won’t necessarily be a “presentation” but more so a hands-on opportunity for the Sailors to showcase their equipment, talk Navy, and give the students an opportunity to play around with the robots and learn how the military uses them in bomb disposal environments. Presentations are 1-hour long in an open space - if in a classroom, I’d recommend having the desks and chairs hug alongside the walls if possible. Our goal isn’t to impede with any existing classroom structure but that’d be ideal to allow for the robots to roam about.
If You Would Like To Sign Up Your School For This Event: 
Interested teachers can reach out to Lt. Jacqui Maxwell:
She is the lead scheduler for all of Tucson Navy Week so she can let teachers know if their proposed days/times work in the schedule. Mon-Wed (Feb 17-19, 2020) are currently wide open!