NCWIT wants to recognize YOU for the incredible support and encouragement you give to your all of your students. When you endorse a high school applicant this year, you are then eligible to apply for the Educator Award!
The Educator Award celebrates formal and informal educators who encourage high school women’s interest and participation in technology pursuits and who care and are taking action to see the next generation succeed.
  • For any teacher, counselor, administrator, mentor, or other influencers who support high school women’s passion for computing and technology & endorses a current Award for Aspirations in Computing applicant 
  • The application consists of 3 short essay questions
  • Application deadline is December 2nd, 2019
Mentions will be recognized at your local NCWIT Ceremony with prizes, trophies, and some amazing speakers, and are then eligible to apply for Professional Development Funds.  Educator Award recipients are also eligible to apply for The National Educator Award in the spring and receive cash and a trip to the NCWIT Summit in May, 2020.